Network Discovery

The Device42 Network Discovery Tool enables native hypervisor, SNMP, WMI, and SSH discovery, comprehensively identifying and tracking all of your physical and logical components, relationships, and interdependencies! 

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Easy Data Center Visualization

Device42 lets you evaluate different data center layouts without having to move anything. From buildings to rooms to racks, you can map them all with an easy-to-use visual editor.

  • Change layouts by simply dragging and dropping objects 
  • Hover over objects for a quick view of their details 
  • Heat maps offer at-a-glance availability 
  • Visualize patch panels to assist in managing structured cabling 

Auto-generate Rack Diagrams

Visio and Excel are a thing of the past with Device42. Creating rack diagrams is now fast and easy.

  • No more creating drawings manually or populating spreadsheets
  • Just drag and drop devices to generate rack diagrams
  • View available rack units and auto-locate the next available slot
  • Supports both ½U devices and half-depth devices

Effortless Inventory Management

From detailed device information to spare parts inventory, Device42 helps you understand, manage and control the quantity and suitability of your data center infrastructure.

  • Take advantage of auto-discovery to document physical and virtual devices
  • Capture asset tags, serials numbers and support information
  • Track what spares are in use or check out spares for deployment
  • Using custom sorting and filtering to quickly view available inventory

Real-time Power & Thermal Management

You can’t manage power and thermal in your data center if you can't capture and analyze it. Device42 makes it easy to do with real-time and historical power and thermal data.

  • Support instantaneous power monitoring from PDUs using SNMP
  • Anticipate and avoid power and thermal-related problems
  • Calculate more accurate estimates for better capacity planning
  • Use historical data to correct size your uninterruptible power supplies


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Device42 eliminates hours of manually taking and updating inventory and I like its ease of use and having everything in one application. I’m also very satisfied with the support I receive from Device42 and would definitely recommend Device42 to others!

Nick Fredrich
Network Engineer

Device42 has become our single system to manage all physical, virtual, software, vendor, and IP assets with strong search capabilities as well as graphical representations. It has also become a significant aid in validating our documentation process for customer audits.

Michael Loffredo
Director of IT Infrastructure
LifeCare, Inc.

What attracted us to Device42 was the UCS, Cisco ACI, and VMware integration. We also love the data center integration piece where we can literally detail with a drawn VISIO to the actual port ID where a circuit is plugged in. As an Enterprise Cloud Provider, we are happy we have made this decision!

Eric Tuley
Director, Cloud Services
Concerto Cloud Services


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